Are old designs coming back?
Yes - we have plans to add old designs into our regular stock throughout the year.

Are your dice balanced?
Everything Dice are perfectly suitable for casual play, and are no more or less balanced than your typical store bought round-edge dice.

Will you be shipping worldwide?
Absolutely, all international packages will be shipped out via USPS with a tracking number. June 20 2022 update: shipping to NZ is currently suspended, we will hold your order until the option becomes available again.

What are the inking options?
Right now we only offer inked options, but we will be offering uninked options in the future.

Do you sell other sets? D10s, D6s?
We plan on introducing d10 and d6 sets by early 2023.

Will you sell single die?
Single d20s are available through our Kickstarter and will be a permanent addition to our store by Dec 2022!