December 2020 store update - Re-opening in January

December 2020 store update - Re-opening in January

 Hello everyone! Happy Holidays! Here is the December update for the store:

We’re going to be closing down shop for the month of December to focus on our production speeds for a January reopening… with daily restocks!

A lot of the information here are just repeats of what’s been said on Twitter: October and November have been a busy month of hiring and training new artists, and December will be our time spent perfecting weekly production rates and creation schedules.

While we DO have available dice to sell throughout this month, we ultimately made the decision to put the store on hiatus to focus on the more important task at hand — to reach our “always in stock” goal.

The store re-opening will feature a daily restock of 50 sets to start, with 10 each of five designs: The Gods Are Athirst, Victorian Tearoom, Royal Pastels, Warlock Deluxe, and Drowned Sea. Restocks will still take place at our usual 10 AM PST time, now every day.

There will also be a new design release schedule made later this month! We’re still planning on following our old model of adding a new set every week. A lot of the original available sets like Neon Dreamer, Heretic’s Glory, Sublime Blight, and Coldhearted will be the most immediate re-releases, with new dice like Persephone’s Fury, The Terror, and Corrupted Quartz coming out later in February  / March.

In our schedule we have January 11th marked as our prospective new reopening date, so we’re currently planning for that. We’ll be updating Twitter and Instagram with more information as it gets closer to January.

Thank you everyone for your patience while we get things sorted out — things have been growing every week and everyone’s been busy getting things ready for Everything Dice 2.0. We’ll see you all again in 2021! Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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Will your Solstice dice be available in January 2021?


Hello there. You make lovely dice. Is there any way to get a notification a day or two before the store reopens next month? Thanks.


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